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Recovery of conventional domain [2018.JAN.20]

It was restored to be accessible even in the conventional domain "", which had become an obstacle.
Please do not take over or tamper with it.

The contents of this site refer to the same file on the same server at and and contents should be exactly the same.

If the IP address of this site is and reverse lookup of domain is different from, DNS is hijacked. DNS information may be changed to a third party. Even if an information custodian can take over one of the DNS, it is difficult to take over the other, so duplication of DNS with a different domain name becomes a defensive measure.

We have strengthened security on a new server in general, such as automatic detection of hijacking of DNS and file tampering and so on. However, since the Web server is always under attack, since the attacker's IPv4 address may be shared router which used by a large number of people, it can not simply block off with the IP address, in fact there is no definite method of defense.

Introduction of Gravity Control [2018.JAN.19]

About 20 years ago I was personally doing the homepage "How to control gravity", but I lost the data file.

This time, I found it a bit while I rebuilt the server. These documents are written intelligibly as introductory contents of gravity control and I will try to post them again on this site.

I have made modifications on HTML grammar etc., but the contents have not changed since then. There are also experimental video of objects promoted by gravity control. Although moving image quality is bad, please forgive it because it is a thing of more than 20 years ago.

Please see here for detail.

Resurgence and relocation of website [2018.JAN.18]

Official homepage of Gravity Engineering Corporation was relocated to ""

The patent of tornado engine V3 have expired, I think that the invention is already free to be used by anyone. It was not my possessions anymore, it became common property of mankind.

Provided free of patent of Tornado engine V3 [2015.AUG.25]

I provided free of patent of Tornado engine V3 attaching conditions.
Please see here for detail.

Structure of the perpetual motion engine demonstration equipment and reaction propulsive force thruster engine [2015.AUG.11]

This document is a translation of published in the Japanese edition at 2014.OCT.13. While the world may have changed a little in the past 10 months, the goal is still far away. It may not be still common sense that is described in this document, but it is not a dream and a miracle, it is matter of course.

I liked the summer when I was young, but I became to hate the summer too hot now. Huge typhoons and forest fires began to occur frequently. Already Earth have developed the disease. This is not the decades ahead. The many species became extinct is largely due to environmental destruction. If left in this state, eventually it will include human within that species.

Since the silver bullet was made, the disease can be cure.
Until a few years ago I did not know the treatment method, did not hope for the future, and going to live toward the hopeless future is that very painful, but now the situation has been changed.

Theory of Gravity [2011.OCT.07]

The documents below are what translated Chapter 13,14,15 of the book published in 2000 as it was, and expresses the equation of a gravitational field like electricity and magnetism.

Chapter 13 Law of Static Field
Chapter 14 Concept of Magnetic Field
Chapter 15 Gravitational Expression of Faraday's Law

The main things for which I wanted to tell are all out.
Please correct, if there is a mistake in the document written by me.

It will be automatically solved, even if I already do nothing, it is not necessary to hurry, as it is what was decided when thrown where the thrown stone falls. Since truth is ending with determination in very old time.

I plan to return to common worker from now on, and to make a living easy. As for me, it is very glad that it can return to an ordinary person. The ordinary person did not need to consider such heavy things and should just consider the plan of traveling resorts. It is feeling like a teenager.

Let's go without hurrying.
Seeing is believing and language do not need to persuade other persons.
If time passes, a new product will come out, they could understand automatically. Then, it succeeds altogether.
Let's wait without making noise.

Thank you for reading, although it was a short period.

Moving Gravitational Field [2011.SEP.28]

The subject to be described from now on is not engineering, and is the subject of physics. Important engineering subjects are all out, and I do not have any longer. Although I am an engineer, I will talk about physics purely after this. It must be built if there is no physical theory required for engineering. Although the scholar of engineering also exists, the researcher of engineering belong to private enterprises overwhelmingly.

The document is "About the moving gravitational field".

Gear type free energy mechanism [2011.SEP.22]

Second document is "About the impelling force by composition of centrifugal force"

Open the homepage of an English-language edition. [2011.SEP.15]

We opened the homepage of the English-language edition. The information dissemination towards the world is strengthened from now on, and it strives to have accepted publicly.

First document is "About the cause of generating and application of a tornado"

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